Developing Special Provision Locally

21st March 13


The major project where parents and carers are getting involved in the educational services provided in Hertfordshire right now is:
Developing Special Provision Locally

Please click on the title/link above to discover how this project is going so far and to see how you can get involved.
Where should we get involved next?

We also want to hear from you on the educational issues that are key to your family, so

1. Please send us your thoughts on areas we should look into via the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

2. Whilst we can’t take forward individual cases, if we feel that your comment reflects a common concern amongst parents:

* we will survey our database (so please make sure you have given us your contact details to be involved and please encourage your fellow parents and carers to do so also – then we can hear your voices)

* we will get your fellow Hertfordshire parents/carers’s experiences regarding your issue

* and we will use this as basis of trying to engage and work with the schools and service providers to improve services across the board in Hertfordshire.
Other key areas

Click on titles/links below to read about what projects are going on in:


Social Care

We need to hear your views and we want to get you involved so please make sure you give us your contact details and let us know your thoughts and please get actively involved with us and together we can make a difference. Thank you

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