Working with voluntary and community partners

One of the ways that HPCI makes sure that it is representing as many Hertfordshire families as possible is through a group called Involvement Partners.

This group meets once a term and brings together advice, support and campaign organisations from across Hertfordshire. With members who work across a range of SEND needs, the group shares information about the issues that the families that they work with are facing.

It’s an opportunity to make sure that HPCI is aware of new and existing issues facing families, to share experiences and good practice, and for the organisations represented to get updates on the latest Herts SEND developments.

At each meeting, the group prioritises those issues that it is most concerned about.  The graph below shows the issues highlighted in June 2024.


The organisations currently members of the Involvement Partners group include Add-vance, Angels, Autism Hertfordshire, Carers in Herts, Daisy’s 21 wishes, DS Achieve, Families in Focus, Herts FASD (Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders), HDA (Hertfordshire Dyslexia Association), National SEND Crisis – Herts, Phoenix Group for deaf children, Playskill, Potential Kids, SEND Reform, SENDIASS, SOS!SEN, SPACE, and Up on Downs.

If you know of any other organisations that might want to be part of this meeting, please do contact us.