Event Resources

On this page you can find resources from events HPCI has put on over the last few years.  These are usually the presentation slides or notes provided by speakers and any other useful related documents that those who attended received.


Employment Focus groups were held on June 25th and July 2nd 2019.  They were part of our ongoing work with Hertfordshire County Council on improving the transition to adulthood for young people with SEND and which includes opportunities for and access to employment, work experience and voluntary work.  We gathered the experiences, views and ideas from the 26 parents who attended. These will be used alongside the feedback from the online survey which ran during June and July 2019 to inform the work as it progresses

We hope to post the report and next steps for this project by late October depending on availability from Herts County Council.

The presentation slides from the day are below.

Handout version Employment Focus Groups 2019

HPCI LAW EVENT – 15th January 2019.

The law event was attended by over 60 parents and was the most rapidly booked event that HPCI has ever put on.
Feedback from parents who attended was very positive with many parents commenting on how engaging a speaker Steve is and how accessible and useful they found his talk.
The slides from the event now available here and there will be a link to the film of the event in due course.
Steve’s presentation was filmed and when editing is complete it will be available from our website and U tube channel. HPCI parent network members will be notified directly when that goes live.
As a barrister Steve is not able to advise on individual cases until instructed by a solicitor.
You can follow him on Twitter on which he is very active and also his blog (below) where you can find a list of solicitors that he has links to.
HPCI is not endorsing any of the solicitors or firms mentioned but rather providing you with the information.
Steve Broach
Monckton Chambers
email sbroach@monckton.com
twitter @stevebroach
blog rightsinreality.wordpress.com