HPCI Network Update – 28th May

Welcome to this week’s HPCI parent network update with 4 local items and 2 national ones.

NEW HPCI video
New to HPCI and not sure what it’s about?  Want an easy way to explain about HPCI to other parents and carers?
Look no further – HPCI has produced a short video – now live on our website -explaining what we do.  Take a look  https://hertsparentcarers.org.uk/about/

Exclusions from education
Although permanent exclusions from schools are reducing in Hertfordshire there are still a lot of fixed term and other types of exclusion of children and young people happening.
If this affects you or someone you know then you can find out how to support your child with HPCI’s Exclusions Booklet which is free to download HERE from our website.
A new source of support (not yet in the booklet) is the Exclusions Hub run by Just for Kids Law which you can find here: https://justforkidslaw.org/school-exclusions-hub
This is an online source of information and resources for parents and young people as well as professionals and voluntary organisations around challenging school exclusions.

Welwyn Garden City/Hatfield (excluding south Hatfield villages) Area (DSPL5)
If you are the parent/carer of a child or young person (CYP) with SEND attending school in this area or living in the area with a CYP attending outside the area or being Electively Home Educated then this survey is for you. Hertfordshire has an education scheme called DSPL (Delivering Special Provision Locally) which divides the county into 9 areas and WGC/Hatfield is area 5.
DSPL 5 are passionate about supporting our local Children, Young People, Families and Schools. 
We want to make sure the right support is available and accessible to those most in need.
To help us to achieve this, we would love to hear from you. We have created a survey that will help us understand some of our local needs and how we can meet them.
Please take a few moments to complete the survey in the link below.

Services for Young People (SfYP)
Following on from the network update of 14th May here is further information on the change of service name and offer from SfYP.
YCH Services for Young People will now be known as Hertfordshire County Council Services for Young People (SfYP).

The vision for SfYP is that the needs of young people who are challenged in education, their community or home life are met, to ensure a successful transition to adulthood.

The primary purpose of SfYP is “Enabling Young People to Succeed” through the delivery of targeted prevention and early intervention work to address emerging needs, improve life chances and reduce escalation to more expensive and intensive services.

Youth Workers, Personal Advisers and other practitioners work in schools, colleges, young people’s centres, access points, on the streets and in other local community venues delivering youth work, information, advice, guidance and work-related learning.

For more information about SfYP including the local offer for young people and contact details for all the teams, please visit www.servicesforyoungpeople.org or email sfyp@hertfordshire.gov.uk

National Launch of SENDPILOT
This website has been created to allow parents and carers of children and young people with SEND to leave feedback both positive and negative about their experiences with their local authority with regard to accessing services associated with EHCPs (Education Health and Care Plans.

Latest EHCP stats for England – great article on Special Needs Jungle.
This looks at all of England but makes for interesting reading.

The weather is definitely looking up so for those of you on half-term or holiday next week – ENJOY!