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Our organisation was orginally set up to look at social care issues arising out of the “Aiming High for Disabled Children” project. You can read about some of the projects we have previously been involved with on our past involvement projects page.
Current involvement projects
Holiday Childcare Survey
The Hertfordshire County Council’s survey into specialist holiday playschemes is now closed. Watch this website to see the results when published and how Herts CC are planning to respond. But don’t worry you’ve not missed your chance to have your say on how you survived the summer – please see details below of the latest KIDS/Mencap Survey for you to complete:
KIDS and Mencap have said:
We know that childcare is essential for families with disabled children and young people, to allow parents and carers to work, to give short breaks and to provide opportunities for children and young people to socialise and have fun with their peers.
Some parents have contacted both KIDS and Mencap over the summer holidays to talk about difficulties they have had accessing childcare for their disabled children. This is not OK. We hope that this survey will help us to find out what the picture is nationally for families with disabled children and young people in relation to their access to holiday play and childcare provision, and highlight any challenges that exist. We want families’ stories to be listened to and acted upon, and so once the results are collected, KIDS and Mencap will be producing and publicising a short briefing paper containing the main findings.

This survey contains a maximum of 25 questions, should take 5 -10 minutes to complete and can be accessed via the following methods:

Click here to complete KIDS/Mencap Survey

• Paper survey that we can send in the post – please email with your details
• Telephone interview. Please call 0207 359 3073 and ask to speak to Anna Route.

Please complete the survey by October 7th
After School Club Provision
We would love to get your thoughts on whether you feel you have the right after school club provision available and assessible for your children. Please visit our page and take a few moments to answer our survey. Thank you

Mystery Shopper Project
Would you and your family like to be involved in this fun new project – Fancy being a secret detective? Visit your local leisure or community service and tell us what you think? Did you and your family feel welcome? Did the service “do what it says on the can”? Can you think of ways your experience could have been better?
Let us know if you, your children with additional needs, their siblings, friends and grandparents want to be part of a Mystery Shopper project. We are going to run a pilot project, in partnership with Youth Connexions, looking at local swimming pools starting Summer 2011 and we’d love to get the names and details of families who’d like to be involved either now or in future projects so please contact us or use the form below and tell us “We’d like to be Mystery Shoppers”

Where would you like to get involved next ?

We want to hear from you on the health issues that are key to your family, so

1. Please send us your thoughts on areas we should look into via the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

2. Whilst we can’t take forward individual cases, if we feel that your comment reflects a common concern amongst parents:

* we will survey our database (so please make sure you have given us your contact details to be involved and please encourage your fellow parents and carers to do so also – then we can hear your voices on this and other issues)

* we will get your fellow Hertfordshire parents/carers’s experiences regarding your issue

* and we will use this as basis of trying to engage and work with the Heftfordshire Children School and Families (CSF) and other service providers to improve services across the board in Hertfordshire.
Other key areas

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