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21st March 13

Past Involvement Projects – What have we done so far?

Since our involvement project started in 2009 we have helped feed back the voices of families with disabled children on a number of different projects. As you will see some of these projects were one-off consultations, cialis sales some are Parent Carer Involvement Board (PCIB) writing to an officer/councillor on behalf of disabled families, cialis usa and some are part of ongoing larger projects.

Aiming High for Disabled Children (AHDC) (2008-2011)– click here for details of what this consultation regarding short breaks for disabled families originally asked, what parents said they wanted and where we are now.

SEN Home to School Transport Consultation (Autumn 2010) – click here for details of what Hertfordshire County Council asked parents to give their views on and what the PCIB submitted to the consultation. We are still awaiting to hear what will be done going forward.

SEN Green Paper Consultation – Call for Views (Autumn 2010) – Click here for details of this Central Government Consultation and to read what the PCIB submitted. The next stage of this process is that the Green Paper is expected to be made public in early March 2011 and we will once again have a 12 week period in which we can feed back out views.

DLA Consultation (February 2011)– Click here for details of the Department of Works and Pensions consultation into Disability Living Allowance and to see the joint response that the PCIB and Hertfordshire’s Parent Partnership submitted. Again we await the next stage in this process.

Threat to the funding of the Children with Disabilities project team within the Money Advice Unit(February 2011) – Click here to read the letter that the PCIB send to Councillor Jane Pitman on the impact that reduced funding to this incredibly valued service would have on the families of disabled children.
SEN Green Paper

In March 2011 Central Government’s Department of Education(DfE) issued a new consultation document looking at proposals to radically reform the provision for SEN. A big thank you to all of you who gave us your thoughts on its proposals. The PCIB gave an official submission to the DfE on behalf of its members and parent carers generally in Hertfordshire. Click here to read more and see what was said.

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